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At FoxNext Games, we are a platform-agnostic maker of free-to-play games that are based on beloved entertainment franchises and deliver experiences that put players and fans first. We are currently working on bringing the worlds of MARVEL, Aliens, X-Files and James Cameron’s Avatar and Titanic to games that are deeply immersive, rich in narrative, and designed to be played for years.

Our debut title, MARVEL Strike Force, brings the MARVEL universe to a unique, story-driven squad-based RPG. In the game, players enlist their favorite MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains, choosing from a massive and constantly growing roster of characters. Since launching in 2018, MARVEL Strike Force has become one of the top grossing games on both iOS and Android.

Fandom, not acquisition

Our games are made for this generation of players weaned on multi-screen and multi-platform gaming. Players today want high production value, thoughtful design and engaging experiences, and their expectations are no longer confined by the platforms where they choose to play their favorite games.

FoxNext Games is guided by the principal that the games that become fan favorites are hard to stop playing because they blend the joy of immersion and the art of interactive storytelling with engaging play. We aim to create fans, not users. We see success as building large communities who play our games regularly, returning because of great content and game design.

Our super power

We know these games because we are these gamers. We’re led by game makers who’ve honed our craft on creating these types of games across platforms, from PC and console to mobile and social. FoxNext Games was founded in 2017 by a team of developers who have been together for nearly 20 years, working on AAA games and major IP for EA, Kabam and Zynga, among others.

Today, our company comprises multiple internal development teams, including FoxNext LA as well as wholly-owned studios Fogbank Entertainment and Cold Iron Studios. Our team also includes in-house global publishing and game operations led by longtime industry veterans.



Founded in 2017, FoxNext LA Studios is FoxNext Game’s internal first-party studio with multiple projects in development. FoxNext LA’s debut title, MARVEL Strike Force, is a squad-based RPG with a unique take on the MARVEL universe that brings together legendary Super Heroes and Super Villains to fight side by side. The game released in March 2018 and has become one of the top-grossing mobile games on iOS and Android.

FoxNext LA is currently working on a massively multiplayer strategy game based on James Cameron’s Avatar. The game aims to set the stage for the upcoming sequel in the blockbuster franchise, creating a deep, narrative-driven game designed to reconnect fans with the rich and visually stunning Avatar universe.

Cold Iron Studios

Cold Iron Studios was founded in 2015 by three industry veterans who had a goal of creating games they want to play and building a team they love working with. Since then, the team has expanded to 30+ developers and moved into a downtown office in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Cold Iron is made up of a diverse group of passionate gamers with decades of experience developing and launching award-winning MMO and action titles including City of Heroes, Star Trek Online, and Neverwinter. Currently, the team is working on a new PC and console shooter based on the Aliens franchise.